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Beers in Hungary

Untappd tells me I tried 15 new beers while in Hungary.  Some big commercial yellow beers and a few craft beers. I can’t spell their names, but could look them up if I had to…


California Wild Ales

Beautiful day to taste R&D samples from California Wild Ales while they await permits.  All 7 samples tasted of tart Lactobacillus and most were fruited.  


Eagle Rock White Rabbit 

Random old bottle found in a liquor store stamped “enjoy by 06.06.14″… Loved it originally, now excessively boozy with less flavor. 


Grape Sour by Free Will

Nice mild 4.9% lambic with grapes added by Free Will Brewing in Pennsylvania.  Picked up on a recent work trip in another state last year.  Florida maybe…  


La Rana Dorada (Panama)

Much deserved Blanche and Pale Ale at a local Panamanian brewpub after a 3 mile walk from our hotel on this 91 degree day!