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Garden Path Fermentation – Curious Mix Method

Really quite good.  One of the best lambic style I’ve tasted from the states.   Surprised to find…

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Tony’s Betty Fund IPA

This one is from Figueroa Mountain Brewing @figmtnbrew and brewed for Tony Pepperoni Pizza here in so…

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…Age of Aerostar”

“This is the dawning of….

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The Godfather Italian Pilsner

The Godfather Italian Pilsner is a collaboration between Karl Strauss and Societe Brewing companies. Light, refreshing with a hint of bitterness 6% ABV

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Alesong Pêche

Funky nose tart fruit and aged cheese, it a good way.  Acidic up front, with oak notes…

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15.1% imperial stout from Nightmare Brewing.  Seems to have held up pretty well for a June 2022…

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That’s a lot of acronyms.

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Mongo Double IPA in Cans

Found Pizza Port’s Mongo DIPA 16Oz four-packs on sale for $6.99. A good deal considering that’s the cost of 1 pint at Pizza Port

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Unlock Adventure

A 6.9% ABV DDH IPA from Burgeon.  Me like.

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