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Aurora Hoppyalis

Hadn’t enjoyed one of these in a while, but there were no Oktoberfest beers, so I went…

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Magic Rock Fantasma IPA

A 6.5% gluten free version imported from the UK. Ok, but nothing to write home about.

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The Brew DDH APA

A surprisingly pleasing find from one of the few breweries in Malta.  Citrus forward fruit nose pale…

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Terza Dose

A delish DDH IPA from Italy’s Birrificio Porta Bruciata made with imported Talus and Idaho 7 hops….

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Acá Toro

A refreshing 4.9% pale ale from La Buttiga. The only beer stop we could find at noon…

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Incrocio Rosso

Sieman Italian grape ale.  A delish spontaneously fermented wild ale made using wine grapes.

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It’s All Cool in the Pool

A tasty 4.5% ABV session IPA from Anti Korpo Brewing. One of many fine beverages found at…

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Serpents in the Bramble

…with a side car of Across the Sky. Serpents is a 6.9% collaboration IPA from Pure and…

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Mythical Features

A 7 5% collaboration hazy IPA from Hodad’s Brewing and Coronado Brewing. A nose of sweet malts…

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Wizards Wand IPA

All the things ya want and nothin you don’t. From da can. Yummy for my tummy.