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San Franpsycho IPA

Smell was mix of fruity sweetness and resinous hops. Flavor was a mix of malty sweetness with noticable fruit flavors with pronounced and lingering hop bitterness. Might be something with this particular can, but had to dump it.


Carlsbad Collective IPA

Tried this beer last night at Culver Beer Co., and had to come back for more. Great hop flavors over a pale malt body with crisp finish and no residual malt sweetness. ABV not indicated, but guessing between 6% and 7%. From the minds of (7) San Diego Brewers Guild members with tasting rooms in […]


Digital Bath

Quite happy with Belching Beaver’s Deftones (band) collaboration. A 6.5% ABV New England-style hazy IPA. Citrusy and juicy, mild bitterness with soft-mouth feel.


Hazy AF

Another tasty IPA from Pizza Port Solana Beach. 6.8% ABV made in the hazy style. Nose is citrus forward. Bitterness is mild. It seems there is a film, or residue, left in the mouth after I swallow and that is where I taste the hop bitterness, which is dry. Somewhat to be I just […]


Temescal Here and Now

7% ABV citrus forward hazy-ish IPA with notes of tropical fruits and mild bitterness. Working just fine on this warm day in the lower left. Base on the name alone I would have guess Temescal would be from Temecula – Lake Elsinore area…Temescal Canyon. Once again pulling info from my backside, I’m wrong. They hail […]


What What Double IPA

A big boy glass of 9.1% ABV double IPA from the fine folks at Nevada’s Revision Brewing. FullPriceFriday


Unsung Slagma Red IPA

The back the can says that “Slagma strikes with a sticky, piney, resinous hop-bite and doesn’t relent. With a strong malt backbone, this vindictive invertebrate will prove to be surprisingly easy to swallow.” I don’t know who writes their marketing, but there’s no piney, resin, or hard to swallow. There is lots of red-malt complexity, […]


Pat & Skip’s Excellent Adventure

Yup…yummy IPA for me… and she got a beer too. Lucky to grab seats, and found out why they were empty….sun coming in at multiple angles: sky and reflecting off white bar top.



Another attempt at a Belgian-style witt/wheat beer…and still not quite there. Not bad enough to pour out. 4.5% ABV, cold and safer to drink than tap water.