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Give Me Cali or Give Me Death

Newer collaboration beer from Amplified Ale Works and Chula Vista’s 3 Punks…you guess it.. it’s an IPA made in the hazy style.


Saint Archer Hazy IPA

After sitting for a bit packaged hazy beers can have a concentrated sludge on the bottom that would be best avoided. When in a can you can’t see it…but it’s often there, lurking. A vigorous shake isn’t necessary; but maybe a bit of can rotating to reintroduce the sediment back into the liquid. The beer […]


Cocomo IPA

I’ve tried many a Figueroa Mtn beer, but likely just scratching the surface of the Fig Mtn beer catalog. But, it’s quite possibly the best Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. beer I’ve had. It’s a well balanced IPA with a mild coconut nose and tad more than a hint of coconut on the finish. It’s got […]


Revengeful Spirit IIPA

Stone Brewing’s 8.1% ABV imperial IPA made with pineapple and mandarin orange. Fruity up front, somewhat sweet while in my mouth and with just enough lingering hop finish to encourage another sip. Whoa… that was gone fast… who drank my beer?


Petrus Cherry Chocolate Quad

Years ago we would make a dessert-like beer cocktail mixing Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Lindeman Frambois. This Petrus reminded me of that; sweet and dessert-like. At 8.5% ABV it had almost 50% more octane compared to our beer cocktail. Tonight we had after dinner and found it quite enjoyable. Coating our mouths almost like […]


Codename: Superfan

Fresh off the bus from Lafayette we walked into Whole Foods with the idea of a snack or the $1 fresh shucked oysters that was on the sign outside. Instead I’m lounging in Adirondack chair in the beer lounge of a supermarket. Happy with my beer choice…juicy.


Liberati Oenobeer Tasters

Oenobeers are beers made with the addition of wine grapes, or grape must, or juice, etc., prior to fermentation…always starting with a base beer first. Quite interesting. Like wine-barrel aged beers, but all stainless. For some, like the stout, I think contaminated… like unintentional souring that is not quite sour. Hard to wrap my head […]