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MC Session IPA

Highly drinakble session IPA from Bend Brewing Company. A great means by which to enjoy the last of summer in Bend, OR.


Hopulent IPA in SLC

Stopped in SLC waiting for next flight. Lunch was served with a Hopulent IPA bomber from Epic. I will definitely sleep on the flight out.


Say When India Pale Ale

With a big fruity nose and pleasant hop bitterness,  I found this newer offering from Mother Earth Brew Co quite enjoyable.  Plus it’s got that 7.5% ABV thing going for it.


TRVE Ancient Bole

One of three TRVE Brewing beers still on draft at Pizza Port OB. I started with the sour oak-aged dry-hopped saison.  Tasty.  


Granite City, The Northern

Stopped into a nice pub north of KCMO to get out of the monsoon. Enjoying a couple of The Nortnern and some food before heading off to the city.


Pretty Bird IPA

At Pizza Port Solana Beach. Hot AF in here…but good beer makes it tolerable. Without the beer it’s like a weight-loss program.


The Juice

A beer from Maine’s Peak Organic Brewing Company I actually like. An enjoyable dry-hopped pale ale with citrus and floral hop notes and pleasent mild bitterness over a pale malt body. Hmm…no ABV on the can.


Little Freak

Found in the fridge behind some forgotten condomints. I’m guessing 7 to 9 years old. It’s held up surprisingly well.


Coronado Beer Stop

35 miles into today’s bike ride and a stop to fuel was necessary. 5.8% ABV Strawberry Shores for the lady and 8% ABV Joocy Jay IIPA for me. Should be enough for the approx 11 miles home.


Bend the Knee

Very happy with this Belgian-style strong golden ale. Mildly sweet up front and nice pale malt and Belgian yeast flavors hide the 9% ABV. Finish has the same light sweetness, which quickly disappates.