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Burgeon Sun Vista

Just like my favorite no-pulp morning breakfast beverage, I feel I’m getting 100% of the recommended daily vitamin C.


Lost Forest

Not much nose on this one. Soft mouth-feel, nice hop flavors with mild bitterness. All wrapped up in a 6.7% ABV solution.


Cloud Stream

Worked a pinch. Hazy with nice hop profile. Soft mouth-feel, floral, fruity and piney nose with tasty mild bitterness that lingers slightly after.


Duck Foot Tasters

L to R Invasion from Strata!, Kumquat Kween, Secret Spot and Aviator Glasses.


Elevated Perspective

Fruity nose, soft mouth-feel and tasty hop flavors, lingering bitterness on the finish. All that and 8% ABV too. From the fine folks at Wisconsin’s Humble Forager Brewing.


DDH Commotion

Really enjoying this beer. Nice citrusy/piney nose that follows through with the flavors. Pleasent, but mild, bitterness and only 5.5% ABV makes it easy to sip all day.


Edens Dream

Quite happy with this 5.5% ABV pale ale from SLO’s There Does Not Exist. Extremely crushable. An enticing nose of hops with grassy notes, balanced flavor with subtle sweetness, soft mouth-feel and juicy finish. And poof… it’s gone.