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Super Dimension

A juicy n hazy IPA where the slight tartness just adds to the juiciness…like morning breakfast beverage juiciness. With very little bitterness and massive dry-hopping, it’s really quite good. No way I would have guessed the 8% ABV the bottle indicates. From the fine folks at Chicago’s Pipeworks Brewing Co.


Stupid Head

The beer name is reminiscent of five year-old playground name calling. By taste I would have said New England-style hazy IPA, and not the hefeweizen indicated on the can…must be the dry hopping. Clocking in at a respectable 8% ABV.


Pathway White IPA

Quite pleased with the newest collaboration brew from Karl Strauss and Amplified Ale Works. Some flavor characterizes similar to a belgian pale ale, and clocking in at 6.9% ABV.


Sex Panther

2000 words worth of pictures…cuz my thumbs are lazy today. Miles to go before I…have my next beer.


Weekend Vibes IPA

Probably should have waited to drink this on a crappy mid-week day to get the full benefit of the Weekend Vibes. I mean, I already had good weekend vibes going on. Drinking from the can the nose is strong pine and citrus hops…mmm…yummy. The flavor is somewhat soft. Light malt body with no sweetness allows […]


Heady Topper

‘nuf said. Paired well with BLAH fries. So did the Focal Banger.


California Coast IPA

A delish 7% ABV collaboration IPA from the fine folks at Burgeon Beer Co. and Alvarado Street Brewery. Juicy citrus notes, mild bitterness that quickly diminish and a somewhat sweet finish. Might as well be a morning breakfast beverage. I guess it is depending on what time of day you drink it. Hmmm…or is it […]


La Perversa IPAx2

A fine 8% double IPA from Tijuana’s Border Psycho Brewing. Nice hop notes with no residual sweetness. balance


Modern Time Beer Tasters Encinitas

All quite good but my favorite at the moment was the Power Word Kill. A juicy n delish 8.3% IPA made in the hazy style. Like a fermented fruit juice of sorts.


Love California

A piney 7% unfiltered west coast IPA with a somewhat dry finish, from the fine folks at Automatic Brewing. Would pair well with one of BLAH’s autumn squash pizzas…mmm.