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Early Celebration

Walked into my Tuesday lunch spot to find Sierra Nevada’s Celebration on tap. Fresh, hoppy and delicious.

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Revisiting the Ten Commandments

Came across this bottle in the cellar. Undated, so I believe it is a 2007 Ten Commandments…

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Bunch of Savages in this Park…

….while working. Found this in the back of the fridge…and still darn good. Super juicy 10% TDH…

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Y’all are Presently Drinking…

Societe Surefire Bullseye West Coast IPA. I feel I should be eating meat with this.

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Melcher Street IPA

Trillium Brewing..mmm..tasty

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First thing thst comes to mind…Elvis is Everywhere. ….Who built the pyramids? ELVIS. Who built Stonehenge? ELVIS….

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Mango Cart Hef

From Golden Road brewing up in LA. Literally tastes like a cart full of mangos. I’m not…

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Huuge Hooch Black IPA

Rapper / IT Dude / Acrobat / Entrepreneur Huuge has released a limited edition black IPA. Sources…

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A Good Idea

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House on Hazy Hill

A beer collaboration from Beer Zombies and Tactical Brewing, a DIPA made with guava. Though juicey and…