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Scream, Citra, Scream!

Please do me a favor, if you ever hear the words “Dry January” escape my lips…talk me out of it. Ok…maybe this January hasn’t been totally dry…but definitely more dry than most Januarys. She’s stronger than me. Beer for me, OJ for her. The beer is more unfiltered west coast style with hoppy citrus nose […]


E-Vil Elephant IPA

A remake of the east village collaboration IPA between Amplified Ale Works and Melvin Brewing. A tasty west coast style with Citra and Simcoe, and a 7% ABV… what’s not to love.



A 6.4% ABV pumpkin ale from Charlotte, NC, NoDa Brewing. Not a huge fan. A bit too much pumpkin spice, and the finish has a bitterness I didn’t care for.


Advent Beer Calendar 22, 23 and 24. Ho Ho Ho Merry X-Mas

After x-mas eve family thing back to the old homestead to get some last minute wrapping done, and catched-up on the last of the advent beer calendar beers. All three were decent I have no idea what the letter is between the “o” and the “b”…a “k” maybe? Schlokbräu Rheder. Light body clean finish. More […]


Bären Weisse Party Shirt

This 5.6% ABV malty sweet German beer reminded her of a beer with residual unfermented sugars, like unfinished. I didn’t get that, but still not something I wanted 500ml of. Sadly beer 21 in the advent beer calendar was dumped…. … but not Party Shirt IPA. Even upwards of 2- months after it’s canning, still […]


Loncium Biermanufaktur..

..maybe the name of the beer. Advent beer day 19 is…wait for it…a 5.1% ABV Vienna Style Lager. Truth be told, not a huge variety of flavor in this box of beers.


Hallertaner Hopfen-Cuvëe

Even with fancy umlaut…in my humble opinion…not a good beer. Maybe I was thirsty and hoping for something refreshing. Didn’t happen. Dry from first sip to fininsh. Bitterness a bit offsetting.


Urtyp Hell Edel Bayer

Advent beer calendar day-15 is another 5%-ish, 4.6% to be exact, ABV helles lager. Not bad, but nothing great. A hint of sweetness up front with a more dry finish.


American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA

To me this juicy and fruity IPA from Dogfish Head is so much more enjoyable than the earlier German smoked lager…a world of difference. Virtually no bitterness, and it seems a tad on the sweet side (fruity sweet, not malty sweet…as if there’s a difference)… but that could be due to that last beer being […]


Zwönitzer Rauchbier

Not a fan of advent beer calendar day-14… but can’t think of a rauchbier I’ve liked. We dumped it.