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Art is Hard

You can say that again… try riding a bike along the boardwalk, dodging folks and dogs, whilest enjoying a beverage and taking a photo…all for the sake of art.


Old beer & homework…

Not really old, but past the date imprinted on the bottle. Kinda forgot this was in the fridge. Happy with it even though old and snuck it past the beer police.


Melvin IPA

Stopped for a beverage and a sandwich and was surprised how delightful the Melvin IPA was. Much better than the Melvin the mean kids give you on the playground.


Heady Topper

100% on…and 2 remaining at the time. From the can, by the bay, on a bike.


I Dream of Citra

Whoa…big tangerine and citrus nose which follows through nicely on the flavor. A pleasant surprise that the finish is more juicy than expected. A nice collaboration between Liquid Gravity and Artifex.


Triple Cone

Yup… it’s a big’n. Piney, resinous, boozy, with lingering hop bitterness…everything a growing boy, or girl, needs.


Outdoor Escape IPA

A delish, crystal clear IPA made in the west-coast style and clocking in at 7.2% ABV. There is something funny about having Outdoor Escape in a can, or packaging something called Outdoor Escape in general. And something is wrong with being indoors while enjoying an Outdoor Escape. Maybe not as wrong as a pint of […]


Alien Church

A delish NE IPA from Tired Hands. Quite happy to find it in our local beer store.