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Homeboy Tomme and a Mickey’s

Tomme’s having a Mickey’s Big Mouth. None of his doo rags are clean so he tied a plastic bar to his head instead. (This, ladies and gentlemen, is what great brewers look like in real life.)


As Seen on TV: Beer Stealer Logan Perkins

We’re hanging out and tasting a variety of stuff at the bottle room at Pizza Port Carlsbad and in walks Logan Perkins, the West Coast rep for Belgian Beer importer D&V International. (That’s the lovely Colleen next to him.) For those who don’t know, Logan is (minorly) famous because he’s the guy who stole Zane […]


At Pizza Port Carlsbad’s Bottle Room

We’re taking a little mid-week break at the bottle room at Pizza Port Carlsbad this evening. Being the porter/stout girl that I am, I’m having a Lost Coast 8 Ball Stout for starters.


Staring at good bottled beer

A lot of people seem to be fascinated by the fact that all the Lost Abbey Beers are cork-stoppered. We keep getting asked “is this beer?”


Choice of way too many

The only thing cool about this beer is the name. But the girls they hired to pour are pretty fun.


Breckenridge Brewery Girls

Breckenridge Brewery is right next to us and they’ve got a couple of really nice girls pouring 471 IPA, Summer and Vanilla Porter. (The Vanilla Porter, btw — very tasty.)