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Brandon, Matt and Ryan

The boys are all very happy with their beers from Lost Abbey. Now we’re sending them on their way and Sage and I are off to see 3:10 to Yuma.


a Breckenridge 471 shirt

This is another guy who came over from the Stone AHA rally. I like his shirt because it’s a Breckenridge 471 IPA shirt. We were pouring beer next to Breckenridge at the Tucson Beer Festival last week, and while I didn’t like the 471 (Sage is the hophead), I did really like the vanilla porter.


Charles Papazian and Tomme Arthur and a 40

Charlie and Tomme are going to bust open a 40 of Mickey’s and toast their homies. Well, they’re going to bust open the 40 just as soon as Charlie figures out how to open it.


Charles Papazian and Tomme Arthur

Charles Papazian dropped by The Lost Abbey after making an appearance at the homebrewer’s rally at Stone Brewing. Here he is with Tomme. (I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know who Charles Papzian was until Sage explained it.)


Kathy and Mike

It’s their first time visitng the brewery. I think they’re having a good time.


Party time while everyone’s gone

Tomme and Sage went over to Stone Brewing to the homebrewer’s rally. That leaves me running the bar with all these guys drinking beer. Should I be afraid?


Homeboy Tomme and a Mickey’s

Tomme’s having a Mickey’s Big Mouth. None of his doo rags are clean so he tied a plastic bar to his head instead. (This, ladies and gentlemen, is what great brewers look like in real life.)