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Live blogging – Pizza oven cooks everything

At the breakfast at Port. That’s a Pizza oven cooking bacon, chorizo, potatoes and ham – preety…

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Live Blogging – pulled pork sandwiches

Getting breakfast off to a good start with pulled pork sandwiches and beer!

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Live blogging – pre Stone anniversary breakfast

Ken Schmidt warming up for a dat of beer with a burrito at Lost Abbey

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pick your beer

seven beers to choose from… pick your favorite

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300 lbs of hops

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high tide was brewed here today

some fresh hops made it, some didn’t. Long live the hop.

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Hop 15 Wrapped in Stone Hops

Does it get much better than this? A cold Hop 15 on a hot September 1st afternoon!…

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The beer for our food/beer pairing awaits!

A friend of Monday Night Brewery fancies himself a chef, and is using tonight as his first…

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Friends and some Carlsbad Chronic

Hanging out with G-Love and Trixie and having a pitcher of Carlsbad Chronic Pale Ale on a…