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everywhere everything always

A delish west coast ipa. Lighter body, nice hop flavors with pleasant bitter finish…all in a 6.3%…

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Blind Pig

Nuff said…

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Burn Out the Day IPA

This is another one from Smog City Brewing (although I was not with Adam when he posted…

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From da can.

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Nesting Pair

A tasty IPA, made in the west coast style, from Smog City. Pix bonus being that the…

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Gueuze Tilquin 19-20

Oh so good.

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Alvarado Tree Service

Oh so yummy west coast IPA from the fine folks at Alvarado Street Brewery.

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Merry Christmas with a Cold Snap

Starting this afternoon leading into Christmas eve with a spicy, cold and flavorful Sam Adams cold snap….

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Lookie Loo – Cherry Wild Ale

Pretty color. The thin white foam head quickly disappates. Funky nose with little to no fruit. Tart…

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Brewery X Mango Chili Hard Seltzer

This one comes to me via a friend who described this as “liquid paint (not panty) remover.”…