My Beer Pix

A visual tribute to beer and the people who love it.

We’ll be at Port Brewing on Friday

Saturday, March 24th is the Belgian Beer Festival at Pizza Port in Carlsbad, Calif.. (If you’re anywhere near San Diego that day you have to be there.) Anyway, they’re having some sort of dinner the night before, so Port’s Master Brewer Tomme Arthur and the other Port Brewing folk won’t be able to run the […]


Beer Molly is a hottie

For all you Beer aficionados (that’s French for drunken slob) who think that a girl who likes her beer has to look like Rosie O’Donnell, think again. Beer Molly is a hottie. (Even though my camera phone sucks) And I get to drink with her all the time. Hope to see you in the pub […]


Sitting and having Black Butte Porter

Black Butte Porter This is an all around great tasting beer from start to finish. It pours out almost a black in color with a caramel color head. When you first take a drink it has a malt taste with a nice chocolate finish. The hops are just right not too much. It sometimes reminds […]


Change of drink

Having fun after hours at Port. Yikes — that is some good Bourbon! (It’s an Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon from 1993. Smoooooooth.) You may have to call me Bourbon Molly from now on!


Tomme Arthur Port Brewing Master Brewer

That’s Tomme Arthur, master brewer at Port Brewing / Lost Abbey. A great brewer and all around good guy, you can find Tomme at the brewery “masterbrewing” pretty much 7 days a week. On Friday and Saturdays the brewery is opening for tasting. Drop on by, meet Tomme and try a few of his beers. […]


An Afternoon at the Map Room in Chicago

What a blast it was to have a few pints in this pub. The bartenders (Aaron and Megan) were funny and knew their beers. I started off with the porter on special, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter from Great Lakes Brewing. It wasn’t too bad, but I don’t think I would order it again as I felt […]


A glass of Padre Porter

A glass of Padre Porter from Oggi’s — a classic porter-style beer. Nothing fancy, but it tastes great!


Barrel Aged Black Magic Stout

This is a glass of Black Magic Stout alongside Beer Buddy’s glass of Hop 101, both from Oggi’s Pizza & Brew in Vista, California. I had hoped that three months of barrel aging would have added something to the flavor of the beer, but I think it actually took it away. The beer has almost […]


Tonight it’s Oggi’s Pizza & Brew

Tonight we’re at Oggi’s Pizza and Brew in Vista, California to try a few of the beers they brew here. We haven’t been here in quite a while, so I’m looking forward to tasting a few.


Bad beer day for Molly

We’re at Backstreet Brewery in Vista, California today and Beer Molly is not happy about beer selection. No porters or stouts just a plain old red ale. ūüôĀ


Want to go home

Another beer in the airport. It’s Goose Island’s Honker’s Ale. It’s an American ale based on English Pub ales. It’s a little too sweet for me, but other people like it.


Another Harp

Tom poured me another Harp. It’s a nice light “day” beer for me.


Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier

Very smoky but good!! This is the original Schlenkerla Smokebeer (aka Rauchbier) from Bamberg, Germany. It’s dark and smoky and I love it! You can get more info on it at Photo taken March 11 at Chicago’s Map Room. (Outstanding beer selection and great people!)


Tillotson National Drinking Team

Adam & Bonnie (though her friends call her “Bonnie ho” — I don’t know why) at Port Brewing / Lost Abbey enjoying a few with us.


Friday night at Port Brewing / Lost Abbey

That’s Molly enjoying a pint of Amigo Lager from Port Brewing. You can see Vince, one of the brewery’s owners (and all around great guy), there in the upper right corner



Long trail ale i p a from vermont.