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Secret Safari

A decent 5% ABV pale ale. Nose was quite floral up front but dissipated quickly. Medium body, pleasant bitterness with clean crisp finish.


Liquid Clouds

The word Abnormal makes think of the movie Young Frankenstein. Specifically, when Dr. Frankenstein/Frokensteen is asking Igor about the brain he was sent to retrieve, Igor replies “it’s Abby something.. “. “Abby? Abby who?” “Abby….Normal. Yes, that’s it. Abby Normal.” Oh yeah…beer. The beer is good. The nose is sweet…a mix of guava, citrus, pineapple, […]


Hops Out for Harambe..

…was one of the few beers I tried, but ended up with the Just Outstanding, from Kern River Brewing.   Many great beers on draft around town post SD Beer Week.


Abnormal Beers

We tried a splash of this and a splash of that before committing to a whole beer.  I chose Boardroom, a Belgian-style IPA, the one on the left,  and she chose Living the Dream, an apricot saison.