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Windows Up

A delish IPA from the fine folks at Alpine Beer Company.  


Hop Boxed & Propitiation

Big boy glass of the Alpine Beer Company IPA for me, and a dainty glass of Russian River Brewing dark sour beer for the lady. Very happy with my Hop Boxed…wish they didn’t already have last call,  cuz I would like another.  I like the smell, initial flavor and mouth feel, of the Propitiation.  But….after […]



…, but not all night long.   In this case the 22oz of IPA lasted approximately an hour, sipping in between bites of food.  First Green Flash bottle of Alpine beer I’ve of  tasted.  I enjoyed it.  Not sure if Alpine bottled using Green Flash vessels,  or if Green Flash is now bottling the product.


Duet IPA

Not enough to “Duet all night long”, but enough for maybe, 38 minutes…if you sip slowly.


Hand Shake IPA

A tasty collaboration IPA from Alpine and Green Flash. Our first visit to Alpine Beer Co’s new restaurant / pub.  Very nice and plenty of room with both indoor and outdoor seating.   Alpine beers as well as guest beers on draft.