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Sex Panther

2000 words worth of pictures…cuz my thumbs are lazy today. Miles to go before I…have my next beer.


Bike Beer Stop at BLAH

Automatic/ Amplified collaboration beer Phillipween in the big glass for the lady, and a danty glass of DuPont La Biere de Beloeil for me.  Yum…fine fuel for our ride back.


Automatic Flying Ace IPA

At Tiger!Tiger!  Good, but tastes more like a pale ale to me….but that could be because my last beer was a 9% Belgian double IPA.  At 5.5% it goes down easy.


Automatic Brewing Beers at Tiger!Tiger!

The lady chose Gigantic Super Duper, a berlinerweiss inspired light sour, served in the big boy glass, and I got The Darkest Thing You Have, a 10% ABV whiskey barrel aged imperial stout… perfect for a mid bike ride beverage (kinda like Silva Stout).


Pizza and Beer at BLAH!

Fun at Blind Lady Ale House… Great spinach and prosciutto pizza. Love the Automatic Brewing Sub Agrestic Wheat! (And, the Beerhunter Golden Ale)


White House Beer Recipe @tigertigertav

On election night, we tried the Automatic Brewing version of the infamous recipe they named “Vote for Obama”… I ordered a 1/2 pour trying to lay low on the politics, and hence the small glass. We enjoyed the beer along with a Craftsman Summer’s End (sad name), and a taste of Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout […]