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Sex Panther

2000 words worth of pictures…cuz my thumbs are lazy today. Miles to go before I…have my next…

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Beer Hunter Episode 2

A Belgian blonde collaboration beer from Automatic Brewing and Pizza Port.

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Pliny the Younger at Blind Lady

$20 for .25L and 100% going to charity.  She chose the Philipween guava saison, which comes in…

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Bike Beer Stop at BLAH

Automatic/ Amplified collaboration beer Phillipween in the big glass for the lady, and a danty glass of…

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Automatic Flying Ace IPA

At Tiger!Tiger!  Good, but tastes more like a pale ale to me….but that could be because my…

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Automatic Brewing Beers at Tiger!Tiger!

The lady chose Gigantic Super Duper, a berlinerweiss inspired light sour, served in the big boy glass,…

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Automatic Brewing Beermosas

Fresh squeezed tangerine juice and Sub-Agnostic Wheat poured fresh by Lee and Jeff.

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Pizza and Beer at BLAH!

Fun at Blind Lady Ale House… Great spinach and prosciutto pizza. Love the Automatic Brewing Sub Agrestic…

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White House Beer Recipe @tigertigertav

On election night, we tried the Automatic Brewing version of the infamous recipe they named “Vote for…