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Avery Maharaja IIPA

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had Maharaja from a bottle.  I’ve mostly enjoyed on draft.  Very tasty.


Avery White Rascal

Taking a short break from yard work.  A beautiful day for a long break.


So So Karma

I found Karma from Avery Brewing kind of uneventful, and I consider myself a fan of Belgian-style pale ales.


Mystery Beer Revealed

I found it w from the owner of the 6-pack… now a 5-pack…it is a 3.5% ABV IPA from Avery Brewing. 



Avery’s pumpkin beer brewed with spices and aged in rum barrels. Tasty.


Avery Memphistopheles’ Stout

Whoa!! 15.95%!!! Sipped on it for about 3 hours…. Syrupy, alcohol-y, a tad sweet, but a very, very delicious devil of an imperial stout!!


The Reverend

The Reverend by Avery Brewing tasted more like a strong dubbel than a quad, but a delightful religious experience none the less….