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Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point

20 ounces of Hoppy Brewing delight to celebrate the day before the day before Thanksgiving. If you can’t get this beer where you are, you are missing what I think is one of the best IPAs in America. Just saying…


Indra Kunindra

Ballast Point collaboration beer, with Holiday Wine Cellar and home brewer Alex Tweet, labeled as India-Style Export Stout.  With curry spice, coconut, kaffir lime leaf, cayenne and cumin.  Different but somehow similar…yummy.


Fish for lunch

I’ve got a little slow time today so I decided to pop open a bottle of Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA to go with my enchiladas. This beer is without a doubt one of the best examples of San Diego IPAs out there.


A round of Victory at Seas at Churchills

Last Saturday…yeah, I’m a little behind in my postings…we stopped at Churchill’s for a pint of Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea; their Imperial Coffee Vanilla Porter.  I prefer the keg and cask Victory at Sea over the bottled stuff.  I find that the bottled beer retains too much coffee flavor for my liking.  No…I’m not […]


Craft Beer and Cook’s Confab at the Stingaree

Last Sunday we attended the Cook’s Confab on the roof of the Stingaree Restaurant in San Diego’s beautiful Gaslamp district. The theme of these confabs is to pair the region’s best and brightest chefs with local growers, winemakers and brewers. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit the Slow Food Urban San Diego. This […]