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Thru the Haze IPA

Quite happy with this 6.4% ABV beverage from the fine folks of Bear Republic Brewing. 49 words worth of picture below.


Hop Shovel IPA 

Very happy with this 7.5% ABV IPA brewed with Mosaic, Meridian and Denali hops.  Fruit, melon and pine hop flavors with clean dry finish, and not malty sweetness.  


Happy Thanksgiving

Churchill’s X was my post Thanksgiving family meal beverage…well…more like my post post…post beverage.  Good none the less.


Churchill’s X IPA

Made by Bear Republic Brewing for Churchill’s Pub San Marcos with limited availability.  Though still very good,  it’s different than I remember.   This batch has almost a black peppery spiciness to the finish that I don’t recall in previous batches.  


The 7% Solution

A magical 7% ABV solution in a 22oz decanter.  Crafted by the fine folks at Bear Republic from only the finest water, malt, hops and yeast, it’s easy to like Racer 5 IPA. Go Racer go.