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Southern Tier Choklat Oranj

A 10% ABV imperial stout from New York’s Southern Tier’s Blackwater Series releases.  Good, but not as enjoyable as the Choklat version was by itself.  We found Choklat Oranj more bitter and less sweet and dessert-like.


Plum Noir

A tasty treat from the Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Blackwater Series. But……., Creme Brûlée is still my favorite!


“Mokah” by Southern Tier

A Blackwater Series 11.2% Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate and coffee! A perfect dessert beer for the jacuzzi (explains the little plastic cups.). My order of preference for this series is Creme Brûlée > Jav-ha > Mokah > Choklat, with Creme Brulee far ahead of the pack! The chocolate flavors in Mokah and Choklat taste […]