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Tidal Change

A delish collaboration IPA from Burgeon and Madewest, made in the west-coast style. 6.9% ABV per the…

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Burgeon Infinite Wild

Happy with this 6.3% ABV west coast IPA.

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Western Grit

Though you can’t really see in the pic, but the first thing I noticed is how well…

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Tommow’s Forests

Bike ride cut short due to rain not in the forecast. Weather person must be on vaca….

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Universal Secret

Whoa, like the can version better than the draft version I had some weeks ago. Dank and…

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Chief Greens

Whoa…quite good. No date on the can, but label says fresh frozen hops. So I’m assuming recently…

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Bohemian Grove and 3pm Paddleout

A 7% ABV collaboration IPA from Karl and Burgeon. ..and a 9% ABV Belgian golden strong from…

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There is something Foreign in my mouth.

It’s a tasty collaboration DDH pale ale from Burgeon and Fall Brewing…go figure. I’ll need something other…

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Burgeon Sun Vista

Just like my favorite no-pulp morning breakfast beverage, I feel I’m getting 100% of the recommended daily…

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Lost Forest

Not much nose on this one. Soft mouth-feel, nice hop flavors with mild bitterness. All wrapped up…