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Mirror Flexin’

A tasty 8% ABV double IPA from Casa Agria. A piney and resinous nose with much less bitterness than expected, but also not juicy or sweet… it’s more balanced. Earthy hop flavors linger a bit on the finish.


Tres Cervesarias!

Earthy-citrus forward nose, light body, moderate to light bitterness…DH hazy pale ale from the minds of Case Agria Specialty Ales, Seaward Brewing and Tarantula Hill. Worked for me.


Soonday Dream

Whoa…delish DIPA with a nose of tropical fruit great hop flavors with mild bitterness and soft mouth-feel.  8.4% ABV from the fine folks from Oxnard’s Casa Agria Specialty Ales.


In Good Company

Much better.  A 8.5% hazy DIPA collaboration beer from Moksa Brewing Co. and Casa Agria Specialty Ales.  Super juicy hop nose with notes of pineapple and melon.  Mouthfeel/flavor is not as sweet as the nose implies…it’s more dry and hop flavors have a black pepper quality that dissipates quickly after you swallow. Sip, sip, and […]