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Fuzz Pedal n & FIFA Finals

I’ve been reluctant to share postings of Amplified Ale Work recent batch Fuzz Pedal IPA, a 6%…

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Nug-o-War IPA

Totally stoked to find this gem from the minds of Pizza Port and Burgeon Beer the back…

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There have been a handful of milkshake IPAs that Michele has really like. All the standout ones…

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Pathway White IPA

Quite pleased with the newest collaboration brew from Karl Strauss and Amplified Ale Works. Some flavor characterizes…

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Be Humble Sip Down IPA

Quite happy with the hazy collaboration beer from Burgeon Beer Co. and Humble Sea Brewing.

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Logical Choice

Reached deep into the fridge and made the logical choice. Though it maybe a 3x IPA by…

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Crystal IPA

Just in time for summer….the Amplified / Karl Strauss Pathway collaboration ale is just what the day…

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Trois Cabrones 

Very happy, and a bit surprised, to find this 8% ABV double IPA, collaboration beer from Amplified…

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Trois Cabrones

The 8.0% ABV double IPA is an Amplified Ale Works collaboration with Alvarado Street Brewery.  Made with…

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A hoppy Belgain style collaboration ale from The Bruery and Maine Beer Company.  6.something% ABV hops more…