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Weekend Vibes IPA

Probably should have waited to drink this on a crappy mid-week day to get the full benefit of the Weekend Vibes. I mean, I already had good weekend vibes going on. Drinking from the can the nose is strong pine and citrus hops…mmm…yummy. The flavor is somewhat soft. Light malt body with no sweetness allows […]


Guava Islander

Drink’n right out of da can. Smells…like fish? No…that’s my hands. I washed after preparing and eating salmon for lunch. After another hand wash…better. It smells like sweet fruit punch beer. Flavor is not so sweet. Bitterness is mild, likely offset by the sweetness of the fruit, making beer more balanced. Tasting alone, I would […]


Coronado Beer Stop

35 miles into today’s bike ride and a stop to fuel was necessary. 5.8% ABV Strawberry Shores for the lady and 8% ABV Joocy Jay IIPA for me. Should be enough for the approx 11 miles home.


Coronado Brewing Co

I found myself in Coronado at 4pm this afternoon.  Hmmm…should I tackle the freeways…or maybe wait it out?  I chose to wait it out and found the only seat available at the bar of Coronado Brewing’s restaurant and brewery. After a quick glance at the draft list….I knew what I wanted to try. While chatting […]