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Experimental Hazy IPA

Per Belly-Up beverage is a 6.3% IPA with soft mouthfeel, low bitterness and citrus notes. Could be more, but salsa may be ruining my tastebuds.


Culture Mosaic IPA 

A nice offering that seems to have grown in popularity.  A good mix of bitterness and fruitiness in a glass.


Some Sour Cultures

Made a quick stop at Culture Brewing before a concert at Belly Up and found two sour beers on draft: a grape sour and a cherry sour.  I enjoyed enough to make the trek back the next day after a day at the races… and was happy to see they were still available.   Both about […]


Culture Pouch

Culture Brewing now has these adult “juicy-juice” pouches as a growler alternative…


Culture Brewing

Right next to Belly-up… how convenient! 64th brewery in San Diego county according to Westcoastersd! Opened yesterday out of nowhere! Three beers on tap, and more in the works. Loved the Amber!