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Fresh Squeezed in front of a fire

Damn it’s hot. 98° and 4% humidity. This calls for a Fresh Squeezed IPA from Deschutes. With a massive San Diego wildfire as a backdrop. Mmm… smoky.


Black Butte XXIV

Found at PB Market Express on Ingraham, this Deschutes 24th birthday reserve beer was awesome! Rich, roasty, chocolatey, high alcohol and smooooth… I still call it “Black Butt”!


Collage Conflux #1

Opened this collaboration ale by Deschutes and Hair of the Dog a little too soon! Didn’t see the “Best After 4/30/13” stamp until afterwards. The beer is a collage of both breweries’ beers including The Dissident, The Stoic, FRED and ADAM blended and cask-aged somehow, and released in May of this year; references to Rye […]


Hop in the Dark

Would’ve been perfect for the San Diego blackout being bitter and black… but good and glowing for now.