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Mandatory Fun…

…at home; and who doesn’t want some fun, mandatory or not. The beer, a nice 9.3% double…

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Nelson & Nelson

An 8% double IPA from Port Brewing. Piney hop nose. Medium body with lingering bitterness. Yeah, this…

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Inevitable Adventure DIPA

Another Stone double IPA, this one made with Loral and Dr. Rudi’s hops and clocking in at…

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An 8.5% ABV double India Pale Ale from the fine folks at Pizza Port Brewing Company. 

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Dry School Hop Out DIPA

Amplified Ale Works 9.1% ABV double India Pale Ale.   Drinking at the source.

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Hop Diggity Crowler

I haven’t had this DIPA in quite a while,  and I’m not sure why.  Maybe cuz I…

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Rubicon Hopsauce

An awesome enough Double IPA on it’s own, but when combined with a plastic animal assortment pack,…

Drake's Denogginizer
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Drake’s Denoggizer

The wife picked this little gem up at the local grocery store and I’m glad she did….

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Dry School Hop Out DIPA

10.5% and very tasty. 

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DIPA from Hermitage Brewing Co in San Jose, CA.  I was really looking forward to a good…