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Pool Bound with Beer

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale for the lady, while I grabbed a baby Sculpin from Ballast Point.


Positive Contact

A delightful Imperial Belgian Wheat brewed with apple cider, spices and cayenne by Dogfish Head! Very enjoyable! I’m going to look for another bottle!


DFH World Wide Stout

Originally released by Dogfish Head in 1999 as the strongest beer available on the market; this puppy clocks in between 15-20% ABV and 70 IBU! Labeled as brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley, and I believe it! This one was bottled in 2012, and has so many things going on… It is sweet, malty, […]


Jacuzzi Bound with Miles Davis

Pool safe cups filled to the top with Dogfish Head’s Miles Davis Bitches Brew.  A tasty post bike ride treat. 


Saison du Buff

Another interesting Saison for the pool! A Dogfish Head collaboration with Stone and Victory brewed with parsley, rosemary, sage, & thyme…


ta henket

Ummmm, interesting… From the Dogfish Head Ancient Ale series… Brewed with Za’ater (seasoned oregano mixture), Doum fruit, Chamomile, Emmer Farro, and Free-range Egyptian yeast. Smells odd and tastes twangy (can’t think of a good comparison). Always fun to try their interesting creations! Nice label!


Burton Baton from Dogfish Head

Though I greatly enjoy IPAs,, 2x and imperial to boot…I have not been too impressed with the oak aged stuff I have tried.  I found this blend of oak aged and unaged IPA enjoyable while soaking up to my neck in hot bubbling water. The 10%ABV kicked in and I required mouth to mouth resuscitation.  […]