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I see the “Light at the End of the Tunnel” now…

…someone please tell me it’s not a train. It’s not…. it’s a delish 6.8% ABV IPA from Equilibrium Brewing. Great hop nose, juicy up front, smooth mouth-feel, mild bitterness that lingers enough to encourage another sip… then poof… it’s gone.


Greenstone IPA

A delish murky 8.5% ABV murky IPA from Equilibrium Brewing. Tropical juicyness, yummy hop flavors, soft mouth-feel.


Lupus Salictarius

A delish 10.5% triple IPA collaboration from the minds of Equilibrium Brewing and Mortalis Brewing. Tropical fruits on the nose, which follow through nicely with notes of pineapple, soft mouth-feel and mild bitterness.


Particle Physics Pale Ale

Exactly what I wanted. A nose of citrus and tropical fruit, juicy with grassy hop notes, mildly bitter finish that lingers a bit. All that and only 5.5% ABV. From NYs, Equilibrium Brewery.