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GABF day 2 – breakfast

The morning of day two requires a fairly heavy meal to offset the previous night. After breakfast we’ll blog a quick recap of yesterday then move on to stir up more trouble


GABF day one recap

I’m going to start this post on Wednesday the 8th since I didn’t get a chance to sit down and post yesterday. (Phone blogging is all well and good for the short “what are you doing” posts — but woefully lacking for the longer stuff.) Our GABF experience got off to a rocky start when […]


Support boobs and beer – 2 of your favorite things

Admit it, you like breasts and you like beer (good beer — Beer Sage tells me there’s no such thing as bad breasts). So why not support both with a fund raiser we’re doing at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey this Friday, October 3rd? From 4pm to 8pm we’ll be hosting a “Beer for […]