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Ghost Town IPA

Nice citrusy nose. Flavors of citrus peel/ zest with a dry finish.



Feeling right at home with this fine specimen of a DDH pale ale from the minds of Fall and Burgeon.


There is something Foreign in my mouth.

It’s a tasty collaboration DDH pale ale from Burgeon and Fall Brewing…go figure. I’ll need something other than a toothpick to get that out from between my teeth.


Industrial Accident

An tasty 8% ABV IPA from Fall Brewing. If I recall from when I picked it out of the line-up, it’s a hazy double IPA…but, hell… that was close to a month ago. Nose is resinous hops. Flavor is more balanced, well…for an IPA, malty but not sweet. Nice hop flavors with low bitterness.


This Is Not My Beautiful Wife

Light body pale with good hop flavors and mild bitterness. Quite nice. ….Once in a life time, as the days go by… or same as it ever was?


Fall Brewing Tasters

L to R Enormous Schwanzstucker, Goo Goo Muck IPA, 2am Bike Ride and Watermelon Jazz Hands.


Goo Goo Muck IPA 

Goo Goo Muck = The Cramps…at least the first time I heard the song.  Later with compilation album(s) “Songs The Cramps Taught Us” I found out it was a cover by a band in the early ’60s called Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads.   Damn fine beer from Fall Brewing.  Mild hop bitterness, grassy hop nose, […]