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Founders Keepers

Losers Weepers. We found this in the fridge beer drawer and it seemed like the perfect “after-dinner jacuzzi beer”. 10.5% ABV and strong roasted malt flavor hides the 90-IBUs. Awesome beer, but personally I like it a little better on draft.


Happy International Stout Day

Isn’t it always some beer day or beer week? Not complaining! Founders Breakfast Stout, it’s not just for breakfast!


Founders Cerise

Enjoying this 4-pk of “malt beverage brewed with cherry purée” bought online from out of state… Refreshingly sweet and tasty at 6.5%. Time to chill another one!


Another Dirty Bastard

Deeelish!! Surprised to find this fine bottle from Founders Brewing at Pacific Liquor in North Park (San Diego). Looking into it, I hear they have a 60-day permit to distribute here and the permit will be expiring soon (in June)?!? I’ve also seen Founders at LJ Public House and other beer bars recently. Time to […]