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Breaking Bud n Fruitland w Apricot

As you might expect,  a big boy glass of Knee Deep Breaking Bud, an American IPA,  for me, and the dainty glass of Modern Times Fruitlands, gose, with Apricots for the lady. I’m not gonna lie, as much as I’m enjoying the Breaking Bud,  I should have got the Fruitlands.  More tart than sweet…more so […]


Here Gose Nothin’

Tasty, and very tart, gose from Bloomington, IL own DESTIHL Brewery. 



A Gose from Brooklyn’s Sixpoint  Brewery.  Not overly salty, which is good, but would prefer it a bit more tart.  Easy drinking.


Ruby’s Tears

Fresh off the plane from Chicago is this gose with hibiscus from Marz Community Brewing Co.  Less tart and more salty then most gose I’ve tried.  Perfect for replenishing lost precious bodily fluids.