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Farmhouse Slang Batch 004

Funky brett nose with notes of citrus fruit.  Flavor is light body with nice hop flavors, pleasent bitterness and slightly tart. Finish is crisp and clean.  Quite enjoyable. It held up very well for 2018.


Tropical in Nature

Hazy IPA with fruit added, from Shreveport’s Great Raft Brewing. Fruity but not overly sweet, mild bitterness and 6% ABV, what’s not to like?


DDH Commotion

Really enjoying this beer. Nice citrusy/piney nose that follows through with the flavors. Pleasent, but mild, bitterness and only 5.5% ABV makes it easy to sip all day.


Grace & Grit DIPA

Quite good.  Resinous hop nose that follows through with flavor.  Nice balance with pleasant bitterness…not overwhelming and doesn’t linger too long, but enough to want another sip.  The 8% doesn’t hurt. Though per the back, my orange juice glass is not considered proper glassware. Maybe it’s better in proper glassware.


All My Tomorrows

Great Raft hoppy saison.  Can’t take it carry on,  so drinking it before flying out.  Grapefruit-like citrus hop character over a very light bodied beer, crisp clean finish.  6% ABV.


Great Raft Brewing

Five beers on draft today.  Three are their core beers, Southern Drawl, Reasonably Corrupt and Commotion,  and two are specialty.  Our fav first time around was Born in a Barn, a 6.4% ABV Belgian-style saison. 


Reasonably Corrupt and Cocodrie IPA

The lady chose the schwarzbier,  Reasonable Corrupt, from Shreveport’s Great Raft Brewing.   I chose the Belgian-style IPA, Cocodrie from Arnaudville’s, (south Louisiana) Bayo Teche Brewery.