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You, Me and Everyone We Know…We All Want The Same Things

You, Me… is quite refreshing. Tart,funky, with hop and notes of oak. We All… was, well boozy…..

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Farmhouse Slang Batch 004

Funky brett nose with notes of citrus fruit.  Flavor is light body with nice hop flavors, pleasent…

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Tropical in Nature

Hazy IPA with fruit added, from Shreveport’s Great Raft Brewing. Fruity but not overly sweet, mild bitterness…

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DDH Commotion

Really enjoying this beer. Nice citrusy/piney nose that follows through with the flavors. Pleasent, but mild, bitterness…

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Grace & Grit DIPA

Quite good.  Resinous hop nose that follows through with flavor.  Nice balance with pleasant bitterness…not overwhelming and…

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You, Me & Everyone We Know – Batch 002

Very happy with this 6% ABV barrel-aged mildly tart ale made with peaches.  

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All My Tomorrows

Great Raft hoppy saison.  Can’t take it carry on,  so drinking it before flying out.  Grapefruit-like citrus…

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Great Raft Brewing

Five beers on draft today.  Three are their core beers, Southern Drawl, Reasonably Corrupt and Commotion,  and…

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Reasonably Corrupt and Cocodrie IPA

The lady chose the schwarzbier,  Reasonable Corrupt, from Shreveport’s Great Raft Brewing.   I chose the Belgian-style IPA,…