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The 12.3% ABV triple IPA from Hess Brewing is quite nice.  No underlying sweetness in the base, just great hop flavors..which only linger on the pallet a short time urging you to take another sip.   I had a bottle couple months ago and enjoyed, but I think I like this bottle that’s been on […]


Forty Acre Wet Hop IPA at Hess

Hess Brewing OB tap room grand opening is off to a slow start…no line is a good thing.  About to tap the cask of 2014 barleywine.  No food truck…yet.  No face painting…yet.  Free pretzels snacks…while they last.


Hess Tasters

Some of dis n some of dat.  Very happy with Hoptuitus IPA, and she enjoyed My Other Vice berlinerweiss with pomegranate. 


Hartley Pale Ale

Enjoyed on draft previously, recently found it in the bottle format and thought to give it a try.  It’s OK, but not great.  Something about the bitterness and smell is off compared to what I recall from draft versions being.  Or could be the spicy food I pared it with.  Need to do a side […]


Solis Occasus #33

Greatly enjoy good IPAs in cans, and this did not disappoint.  I’m glad that Hess has numbered the Solis Occasus IPAs, to differentiate between them… some have liked more than others.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t see, or maybe didn’t recognize,  the version or number on the can.  The only reason I knew it was #33 was […]