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Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin 2012

Last year this was one of my favorite pumpkin beers, so I ordered two 4pks as soon as it was available. Sadly, this year’s batch tastes watery and doesn’t seem to be nearly as tart and full of flavor, but still okay… 7 more to go!


Oaked Jack after skiing

Oaked Jack Imperial Pumpkin Ale aged in Oak barrels by Unita Brewing Company out of Salt Lake City… Very satisfying back at the cabin after a day on the slopes! 10.31% (Does the test method really support that many significant digits?)


Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin

From Uinta Brewing’s Crooked Line series aged in oak barrels… A nice “trick-or-treating” companion at 10.32%! Malty, boozy, pumpkin-y. De-lish!