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Beau Reach

A delish 7% IPA from Moonraker Brewing. Fruit forward juicy nose, soft mouth feel with great hop flavors I can feel in my sinuses, and low bitterness.


Head Full of Dynomite

Nice juicy IPA from Seattle’s Fremont Brewing. Sniff, sniff…fruit and citrus on the nose…sip,sip…which follows through nicely in taste. Sip, sip…soft mouth-feel and…sip, sip.. mild bitterness. Whoa… it’s gone!


Solis Occasus #33

Greatly enjoy good IPAs in cans, and this did not disappoint.  I’m glad that Hess has numbered the Solis Occasus IPAs, to differentiate between them… some have liked more than others.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t see, or maybe didn’t recognize,  the version or number on the can.  The only reason I knew it was #33 was […]


India Pale Ale from Nebraska Brewing

Per the label,  this 6.9% ABV beer was inspired by West Coast IPAs.  Malty and lingering bitterness, but I didn’t get any of aromatic citrus I thought I would get base on the words imprinted on the can.