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Strange Magic

Super juicy IPA from start to finish, from Moonraker Brewing. Strong nose of tangerine, pineapple, orange. Juicy hop flavors, but not as sweet as the nose implies…but in a good way. Mild bitterness and 7% ABV. Quite good.


Juicy IPA Version 9

From Untitled Art. Though bitterness is a bit more pronounced on the finish I think it’s a nice version of a juicy IPA. Clocking in at 7% ABV doesn’t hurt either….. unless you are still working through dry January.



Some 6% ABV hydration after a quick mow. I enjoyed it. Plenty of citrus forward hop characteristics on the nose and tastebuds. Some nice hop bitterness up front, that follows through…but miraculous, like poof, is gone once you swallow. Sierra Nevada are damn magicians. Now you taste it, now you don’t. I can see that […]


Old Can o’ New Gen

Not to be confused with Bad Reputation or My Generation… it’s held up surprisingly well for a 9 month old 6.5% ABV IPA. Rumor has it that it is on the schedule again for rerelease…hmm.. or maybe that was a dream.


Cerveza Fresca with Guava

Too sweet and not quite working for me. Like a blend of sweet agua fresca and light-bodied beer. Still clocking in at 7.3% ABV. I’m thinking it’s the sweet nose that I find overwhelming…comparing it to a juicy NE IPA where the dry hopping nose prevails. An interesting venture for the fine folks at El […]