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Catch you on the flip side IPA

A decent 6.5% ABV collaboration beer offering from the fine folks at Karl Strauss and Societe Brewing Company, made in the west-coast style.


Pathway White IPA

Quite pleased with the newest collaboration brew from Karl Strauss and Amplified Ale Works. Some flavor characterizes similar to a belgian pale ale, and clocking in at 6.9% ABV.


Isomerizer IPA

Very tasty 7% ABV American IPA made with mosaic hops from the fine folks at Karl Strauss. Karl is my Bud.


Crystal IPA

Just in time for summer….the Amplified / Karl Strauss Pathway collaboration ale is just what the day needed. Pleasant lingering bitterness over a pale malt body with dry finish.  


Two Tortugas

I don’t recall enjoying Karl Strauss 11.1% ABV Belgian-style Quad quite as much when I tried when originally released in 2011…but I’m enjoying now.  Deceptively smooth with slightly sweet malt flavors with notes of dark fruit and caramel.  


Pathway with Raspberries 

A tasty 7.3% ABV collaboration IPA from Karl Strauss Brewing and Amplified Ale Works.  I’m not tasting raspberries.  


Aurora Hoppyalis IPA

I’m very happy with Karl’s 7% ABV San Diego – style IPA.  A well deserved  bronze at last year’s GABF.