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Gentle Reminder IPA

Found this in the bottom of the beer drawer. Ouch…June 2019 canning date… so a bit late. Oh well. Right out of the can the nose was a mix of piney, resinous, sweet malts with notes of fruit. Medium bodied IPA with soft, pillowy mouthfeel and a balanced finish. Maybe less bitterness than balanced. “Exudes […]



It’s like Modern Times night in da house.


Modern Time Beer Tasters Encinitas

All quite good but my favorite at the moment was the Power Word Kill. A juicy n delish 8.3% IPA made in the hazy style. Like a fermented fruit juice of sorts.



A 7% ABV juicy and delicious NE-style hazy IPA from the fine folks at Modern Times Beer.


Modern Times Fraxos

Lemony-citrus forward sweet fruit nose, juicy with pleasantly mild bitterness, all wrapped up in 6.5% ABV hazy solution. Damn fine beer.



Doing it easy…right from da can.


Modern Times Havnor

After trying a splash of Havnor at a local watering hole, I wasn’t super excited about the bottle we already had in the fridge. The bottle was way better. Pale malt body, pleasant hop bitterness with strong notes of sweet melon on the nose (which stuck around for the first half of the beer) but […]


Modern Times Tasters

A bit ahead of schedule, thirsty and in need of a restroom break….so we found a place to stop. L to R,  Ghost Train, Folding Ships, Elemental Magic and Transit of Venus.


Accumulated Knowledge 

Just having it, or carrying it with you, doesn’t make you smarter.   You must know it, carry it inside you, absorb it…and, with practice, wisdom will come with Accumulated Knowledge.