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I read Thundera and don’t think amazon warrior woman comic book character….I think the beginning of AC/DC Thunderstruck Things assumed from the pic. Hazy India Pale Ale, from a can and made by Modern Times. If you assumed I also drank it, you are correct. Nice hop nose and soft mouth-feel, juicy up front, mild […]


Modern Times Beer

Not a bad one in the bunch. L to R…or upper left to lower right since I can’t seem to rotate the pic… Poolside fruited IPA, Dragon Mask – Chocolate Churo Addition, and Stratos with Nelson hazy DIPA collaboration with Alvarado Street Brewery. Low ABV was Stratos at 8% with churo at 13%. Yum


Cosmic Omnibus

Juicy 6.8% ABV collaboration hazy IPA from Alesmith and Modern Times. Enjoying responsibly at 50% capacity Alesmith taproom.


Star Cloud

A 6.8% ABV IPA made in the hazy style, from the fine folks at Modern Times Beer. Flowery-like hop flavors, soft mouth feel, nice bitterness that slips away urging you to have another sip…then poof… the beer is gone. Darn Star Cloud is blocking the sunset.



Says hazy india pale ale right on there can… which it is. 7.5% ABV too. It has a nose of resinous hops over a light mbv alt base. Flavor is more west-coast style IPA, but more mild and with a softer mouth feel. She thought more watery…not sure that’s it. Finish has very low bitterness. […]


DDH Orderville

Tackling the big ol’ can (19.2 oz) of Modern Times double dry-hopped Orderville IPA that’s been in the fridge for a bit. Can dated 22 Jan 2020, so ain’t that old. Poured into a glass to avoid the potential swill of sludge that may be lurking at the bottom when drinking from the can. More […]


Gentle Reminder IPA

Found this in the bottom of the beer drawer. Ouch…June 2019 canning date… so a bit late. Oh well. Right out of the can the nose was a mix of piney, resinous, sweet malts with notes of fruit. Medium bodied IPA with soft, pillowy mouthfeel and a balanced finish. Maybe less bitterness than balanced. “Exudes […]



It’s like Modern Times night in da house.