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Neltronion Enforcer

Hmm… like they were trying to make a west coast IPA, but they forgot to add the hops to the boil. No bitterness.


That’s What’s Up

Yummy Imperial IPA from Moonraker. Great hop flavors, lighter body, crisp clean finish, but oddly… very little bitterness. The 8.5% ABV went straight to my noggin.


Post Bike Ride Beverages

For her, Slushian Gothic, a collaboration slushy-sour beverage from 450 North Brewing and Troon Brewing, fruity, tart and sweet with no ABV indicated…hmm. For me Spinal Sap, a wet hop DDH imperial IPA in the west-coast style from Moonraker Brewing. Resinous with crisp finish and pleasant lingering bitterness wrapped up in an 8% ABV solution.


The Holy Hermit

I feel enlightened. Citra and Amarillo hopped hazy imperial IPA from Moonraker Brewing, clocking in at a respectable 8.5% ABV and 70 IBU… what’s not to like? The resinous and boozy IPA paired well with the chipotle mushroom tacos.


Space Monkey Mafia…

…cold IPA from Moonraker Brewing. 7.8% ABV. Oddly pours with very little carbonation and leaves minimal foam head that dissipates quickly to some bubble around the perimeter of the glass. Nose is resinous and piney. The hop flavors are green and grassy, but lack the west-coast style hop bitterness I expected based on the nose. […]


Strange Magic

Super juicy IPA from start to finish, from Moonraker Brewing. Strong nose of tangerine, pineapple, orange. Juicy hop flavors, but not as sweet as the nose implies…but in a good way. Mild bitterness and 7% ABV. Quite good.


The Hermit

Yup…that’ll do. Smells fruit forward and earthy/piney hops which follow through nicely on the taste. No bitterness…but somehow get the hops sensation in my olfactory system.


Here Lies…

OoOOoo…spooky. Seemed appropriate for the evening. A delish IIPA made in the hazy style from Moonraker Brewing. A sweet nose of dank hops and tropical fruits which follows through nicely with the flavor. Sweet with soft mouth-feel and low bitterness.