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Neltronion Enforcer

Hmm… like they were trying to make a west coast IPA, but they forgot to add the…

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That’s What’s Up

Yummy Imperial IPA from Moonraker. Great hop flavors, lighter body, crisp clean finish, but oddly… very little…

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Post Bike Ride Beverages

For her, Slushian Gothic, a collaboration slushy-sour beverage from 450 North Brewing and Troon Brewing, fruity, tart…

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The Holy Hermit

I feel enlightened. Citra and Amarillo hopped hazy imperial IPA from Moonraker Brewing, clocking in at a…

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Space Monkey Mafia…

…cold IPA from Moonraker Brewing. 7.8% ABV. Oddly pours with very little carbonation and leaves minimal foam…

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Strange Magic

Super juicy IPA from start to finish, from Moonraker Brewing. Strong nose of tangerine, pineapple, orange. Juicy…

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The Hermit

Yup…that’ll do. Smells fruit forward and earthy/piney hops which follow through nicely on the taste. No bitterness…but…

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Here Lies…

OoOOoo…spooky. Seemed appropriate for the evening. A delish IIPA made in the hazy style from Moonraker Brewing….

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Moonraker Doom Nugs

Very nice.