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Acá Toro

A refreshing 4.9% pale ale from La Buttiga. The only beer stop we could find at noon…

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Boundless Options

A tasty pale ale from Seek Beer Co. Simcoe, Citra and Nectaron in a 5.7% ABV solution.

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Sol Pale Ale

Exactly what I wanted. Nice hop flavors, light body, lower ABV, crisp clean finish, 5.5% ABV collaboration…

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Wet Hop Citra Visions

Citrus and piney hop nose, light body with pleasant bitterness with crisp clean finish. All that and…

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Nectaron Strata Crush

6.2% ABV NE pale ale from Moonraker Brewing. Juicy nose of sweet orange and tangerine. Happy to…

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Fist City

Quick beer in Chicago. Like order, get, oh, we’re boarding…chug and leave. Belching while speed-walking to gate….

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Feeling right at home with this fine specimen of a DDH pale ale from the minds of…

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DDH Commotion

Really enjoying this beer. Nice citrusy/piney nose that follows through with the flavors. Pleasent, but mild, bitterness…

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Edens Dream

Quite happy with this 5.5% ABV pale ale from SLO’s There Does Not Exist. Extremely crushable. An…

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Flying Tiger Jucee

A juicy pale ale from Shreveport’s Flying Tiger Brewing. I liked it, but didn’t find it very…