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I Assure We Make Stouts!

A delish imperial stout collaboration from Timber Ales and Fidens Brewing Company. 12% ABV and aged on…

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Study Break

A 10% ABV pastry stout made with good stuff. Though it doesn’t outright say so, it seems…

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Chocolate Cherry Icing On The Cake

An 11% ABV pastry stout from Grimm of New York. Can was dated, but held up pretty…

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Cocosaurus Rex

A delish dessert-like 12.5% ABV pastry stout made with vanilla beans and coconut from the fine folks…

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Hipster Mocha Latte

An 11% ABV pastry stout from Wild Barrel. Sweet, smooth and sticky all the way through. Like…

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A delish 13+% pastry stout from Moksa Brewing out of Sacramento, CA. Like a Scandinavian Omnipolo pastry…