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A can of Mongo IPA on a table next to a glass of the beer
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Mongo Double IPA in Cans

Found Pizza Port’s Mongo DIPA 16Oz four-packs on sale for $6.99. A good deal considering that’s the cost of 1 pint at Pizza Port

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Breaking Trail India Pale Ale…

Rhymes like a Trader Joe’s snack. Like Crunch’n, Munch’n Cheezy Poofs.. not that there is really a…

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Outdoor Escape IPA

A delish, crystal clear IPA made in the west-coast style and clocking in at 7.2% ABV. There…

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Beach Retreat IPA

A west coast IPA collaboration from Pizza Port and Beachwood Brewing. Yeah.. this will work.

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What else?…the Logical Choice

Of all the beers in the fridge, this was the logical choice. A balanced 10% ABV triple…

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Surfari India Pale Ale

I enjoyed this 7.2% ABV IPA from Pizza Port Brewing. Grassy citrus notes up front, pale malt…

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Gentle Reminder IPA

Found this in the bottom of the beer drawer. Ouch…June 2019 canning date… so a bit late….

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Swami’s IPA

Doing some at-home self realizing.

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Pizza Port and Stone Brewing collaboration “Beer Friends Forever” is a 6.2% ABV San Diego Pale Ale…

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Logical Choice

Reached deep into the fridge and made the logical choice. Though it maybe a 3x IPA by…