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I felt the need to use all shouty capital letters in the title due to the name of the beer.  Instead of filling regular bottles, the guys at Gigantic Brewing Co. fill huge bottles then shrink them like they did with Mike TV in the original Willy Wonka… well… maybe not.  But it did require […]


Sang Royal from Cascade Brewing

  We decided to open one of the beers from our Portland adventure. Tuesday seemed like a good enough reason to open something.   Just like at the Cascade Barrel Room we are having our own “Tap it Tuesday”…and we’re having a beer.


San Diego – America’s best beer town even if Portland complains

I’m getting a good laugh out of the guys up in the Northwest who are all in high dudgeon over Men’s Journal naming San Diego as “the new beer capitol of the U.S.” Seems that our beer drinking brethren up in Oregon (and Washington state) don’t like the fact that Portland – the self-titled “Beertown […]