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Pliny the Elder

Twas a long-ass work day. Saving time and the glass and drinkin from the decanter.


Pliny for President

I hope my actions don’t disqualify the candidate, but I placed my vote more than once while at Taproom in PB. I’m pretty sure Taproom is not an approved polling place.


Hop Boxed & Propitiation

Big boy glass of the Alpine Beer Company IPA for me, and a dainty glass of Russian River Brewing dark sour beer for the lady. Very happy with my Hop Boxed…wish they didn’t already have last call,  cuz I would like another.  I like the smell, initial flavor and mouth feel, of the Propitiation.  But….after […]


Pliny the Elder at Lucky 13

Making a good day that much better.  If in Alameda, Lucky 13 is a good beer spot, with Chimay on draft.


Redemption by the Glass

This Sunday’s (Russion River’s) Redemption was found at Fathom Bait and Tackle. 


Yay! Birthday Pliny

Beer gifts are a good idea.  Making it a Pliny the Elder is a great idea.   Thx Michele.