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Saint Arnold Biere De Saison

From the Icon series of beers.  It has characteristics of a Belgian Dubbel, but less sweet, with a lighter body and finish is a bit more dry.  It had carbonation when I poured, but head and lacing quickly dissipated.  It still has a light carbonated mouth feel.


Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel 2

We have had this in the fridge for a while but didn’t open until now. Aged in chardonnay wine barrels and cherries added, we liked this quite a bit.


Happy New Beers

Well….beer in this case.  Saint Arnold Bohemian Pils.  Not necessarily new, as it came out in November, but new to me.


Saint Arnold Amarillo Hefe

In general I’m not a big fan of hefeweizens.  Very surprised that I liked this newer release of their Icon series as much as I did.  It was more like a Belgian pale, which is more up my alley.  Very enjoyable.