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There are Pils for That

Or so I’ve heard.   So after a warm day I took mom’s (or was it my psychotherapist) advice and took (2) “pil…. but have no plans of calling anyone in the morning.  Not my favorite beer style, but enjoyed sipping while on an evening walk… to go get a beer.



An award winning Imperial Pumpkin Stout by Saint Arnold Brewing from Houston, Texas… Tastes delicious!


More Saint Arnold

Besides the Pumpkinator and Endeavor of previous posts, we recently enjoyed Bishops Barrel 1, Divine 12, Santo, and Christmas Ale. Lots of good beer coming out of Texas!


Saint Arnold Endeavour IPA

Making the best of a rainy day of cleaning house by adding beer. ed on the nose and color I expected something a bit different.  It smelled like the boiled hops of an over-the-top-hop imperial IPA and I expected the hops to overwhelm the malt back.  The beer was nicely balanced, and just what the […]


Saint Arnold Pumpkinator

Finally obtained this fine imperial pumpkin stout (after much grappling and groveling)…, and it was well worth it! A very bold and spicy strong ale that tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass. Much enjoyed while soaking in the spa after dinner.


Saint Arnold Christmas Ale

While on a business trip to Houston, I was glad to find this local Christmas Ale in the hotel bar after a working dinner. Also, picked up a bottle of Saint Arnold Amber Ale and brought them both to the room to finish my work… Fun to try new beers while traveling!