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Celebrate Good Times…

…come on!, it’s a Celebration (fresh hop IPA). The most wonderful time of the year…fresh hop beer season.


Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop IPA

A bit to much malty, almost caramel like, sweetness for my tastebuds at the moment. Not bad enough to dump, but likely won’t invest in another bottle this year.


Hazy Little Thing IPA

I greatly enjoyed this offering from Sierra Nevada. The pale malt body is quite different than most of their choices, and showcases the hop characteristics well. Pleasent mild bitterness, with juicy flavors of citrus and freshly cut grass.


Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet

While it is true, I’ve not had Torpedo in a while.. .I’m enjoying this offering more than I recall liking Torpedo.  Lighter malt I’m thinking.   And it has that 8% ABV thing going for it.


2017 Celebration

Yep, it’s that time of year again…Brussels sprouts stalks, and wet hop beers…oh, and Sierra Nevada’s Celebration IPA on shelves  while it lasts.


Golden IPA 

I liked it.  The pale malt body with no malty sweetness makes it different from most Sierra Nevada IPA category offerings.  Pleasant hop flavors. 


2016 Celebration 

An annual treat from the fine folks at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  


2015 Harvest Wild Hop IPA

Brewed with Neomexicanus Hops, this is Sierra Nevada’s 5th of their 5 beer Harvest series.  I’m enjoying it.   Though a past version smelled strongly of marijuana, this one is less so.


2015 Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop IPA

The fourth out of five beer series from Sierra Nevada. Not even gonna dirty a glass, n drink it right out of da jug.  24oz of yummy 6.8% wet hop IPA for $5.99 plus crv n tax = good deal.