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Y’all are Presently Drinking…

Societe Surefire Bullseye West Coast IPA. I feel I should be eating meat with this.

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Draftwerk-Billboard Dreams

A dunkel for her and a west-coast IPA for me. Quite happy with both.

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Agreeable Folk

Trying out a new beer glass. Didn’t quite hold 16oz, but a nice gift nonetheless. Oh.. the…

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Bachelors’ Ball at Societe

Left to right Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hop versions of the Bachelor.  Reminds me of the single…

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The Harlot at Societe Brewing

They have other beers too…. and we tried them all. 

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Societe Harlot

6% Belgian Pale half-pour as a palette cleanse after Hangar 24 Slow Roll – Barrelroll #6.  Need…

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The Pupil at Societe Brewing

Best way to get a bunch of engineers out of the office to look at a new…

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Societe Brewing- The Pupil

nothing new, but the best thing on this side  (way west) of the party. Also no wait…

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Societe Brewing

Friday after work, we finally stopped by the soft opening of this new long awaited SD brewery……