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Experimental Hazy IPA

Per Belly-Up beverage is a 6.3% IPA with soft mouthfeel, low bitterness and citrus notes. Could be more, but salsa may be ruining my tastebuds.


Contender IPA

I found this 6.3% ABV wet hopped IPA made with Mosaic hops quite good.  The Seadawg IPA, also an IPA made with Mosaic,  was also quite nice, but a bit more grassy, with bitterness lingering a bit longer than the Contender. After the warm day, the Contender suited my dry palate. Both on draft now […]


Smooth Criminal IPA

A delish 6.7% ABV beverage at Pizza Port Solana Beach.  It’s been a while…I really need to make an effort to stop by more often. 


Pizza Port SB 152 IPA

Of the many options to choose from, this is what ended up in my glass….and I was not disappointed.  Freshly tapped, and quite enjoyable, IPA.