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There have been a handful of milkshake IPAs that Michele has really like. All the standout ones have been double or triple IPAs (8% to 13% ABV), mostly with fruit, all somewhat sweet and super dry-hopped with very little bitterness on the tongue (less than 20 IBU). I grabbed this can of 8% ABV nitro […]


Stupid Head

The beer name is reminiscent of five year-old playground name calling. By taste I would have said New England-style hazy IPA, and not the hefeweizen indicated on the can…must be the dry hopping. Clocking in at a respectable 8% ABV.


Stillwater Saisons

Enjoyed a couple more Stillwater brews… “Cellar Door” and “of Love & Regret”. Their gypsy brewer does a fine job galavanting the world brewing beers at different facilities. How fun for him!! The “of Love & Regret” was outstanding!