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Spooky Ghosts

Started with Ghost Mountain a hazy NE-style IPA, juicy with soft mouth-feel, from Modern Times Beer Next moved to Ghost Hammer IPA from Stone Brewing. More in the west-coast style and quite enjoyable. Piney and resinous, pleasant bitterness that lingers just long enough to make you want another sip. No problem finishing either sample.


What Would Jeremy Brew?

A piney and resinous colaboration IPA from South Park Brewing Company and Stone Brewing’s Jeremy Moynier.


Thunderstruck IPA

Very impressed with Stone Brewing’s 19th Anniversary beer.  What I would imagine if Alpine made and imperial version of their Nelson. 


A little 4.20 at the Airport

By 4.20 I mean Stone Enjoy By 4.20.15 IPA.  By little I mean 12oz in lieu of the more often seen 22oz bomber.   I would hope no explanation needed on the word airport..


22oz of Enjoy By 10-31-14

Over to the side of the fridge and behind a growler, this little guy was passed up quite a few times since it’s enjoy by date.   Stored cold and 3+ months old,  tastes mighty nice right now.


Stone Enjoy By 08-16-14

Whew. Found this one in the back of the fridge and managed to pour it just in time! Can’t image what would have happened if I hadn’t found it until tomorrow.


Barrel Aged Cali-Belgique IPA

Really enjoyed this version of Stone’s Belgian style IPA which I found on draft at Plan 9 Ale House.  The hop bitterness was not really noticeable and the oak and red wine notes surprisingly prominent. 


God Damn Anniversary IPA

her…”Hey, what do you want to have next?”   me…” Let’s try that new ‘God Damn Anniversary IPA’ from Stone.” No, Stone Brewings 17th Anniversary beer is not called ‘God Damn’ anything.  My poor memory only remembered portions of the beer name on the bottle from when we picked it up and threw it in the […]