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U Beer

A 4.5% larger brewed by Singha that I thought was too sweet. No worry about a hang over? Wonder how that works? Maybe cuz one won’t want to drink it…or is it more a guarantee you will get one. Like, don’t worry, you’ll get it. Hmmm.


Belgian Beers in Thailand

Somewhat surprised, and pleased, to find Belgian beers in Krabi…and not outrageously priced either. Maybe $7.50 US/ $225 Thai baht. It is a bit much compared to the $90 Baht for 12oz of the local mass produced lagers (Chang, Singha, or Leo..etc.)…but quite enjoyable.


Have a Bati while you wait

Yes, we’ve had a lot of adventures lately, plus the Real Ale Fest starts tomorrow so we’ll have a lot more. While I sort through what I’m going to post I want to share with you the beer I’m having right now: A Bati Beer from Kombolcha Brewery in Ethiopia. Some of our friends picked […]