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Moonlight Mead at Brewhouse SJC

We stopped to taste some of the Moonlight Meads they were pouring today (still pouring);  Paramore, Wet n Wild, How Do You Like Them Apples and Them Little Apples…sooooo good.  Think I’m liking Paramore best. Thought I would cut the sweetness with a couple IPAs.  I chose Tap-It S.N.A.F.U., at 11.1% and 127 IBU, and […]


The Brewhouse…

…our ninth stop on the Santa Barbara beer adventure (for those who are counting), had 13 house brews available, so of course we tried one of each. Orange Crush XXX was interesting, but not necessarily good.  It was like an orange liquor that had ice cubes melt in it.  I think it would have made […]